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Zero Gravity Novo ultra High Performance Full Body Massage Chair

Human Touch is one of the most well-known brands that market top-class massage chairs all over the world. Together with the Human Touch iJoy 2580 Massage Chair they boasts state of the art relaxation. Their latest model, the Novo Ultra High Performance Full Body Massage Chair has already created a sensation in the US market and this is why we have selected this advanced–and expensive– chair as our top choice because of its high-tech features and state-of -the-art technology that goes into the making of this product.

People,of late, are really taking a keen interest on this product because it claims to provide the ultimate massage therapy that can possibly be provided by a robotic massage chair.

To begin with, it can give you a full body stretch.This revolutionary L-Track massage chair is capable of stretching your spine to the full to increase blood flow to the vertebrae and strengthen the lower back.

The Lumbar Warm Air Heat is provided by using the warm air technology, thanks to which heat flows continually targeting the lumbar area to loosen stiff muscles.

The Novo provides 30 auto-wellness programs through which you can make use of a huge number of programs that include full- body immersion, rocking motion, and a host of other diverse therapeutic relaxation and wellness features that provide complete relief from pain and rejuvenates your tired, aching body.

Besides, the Zero Gravity massage provided by this ergonomic massage chair offers complete relief from back pain and ease pressure from the vertebrae, allowing your muscles to relax.

The Novo gives you a premium 3-year warranty that includes home-repair service, 5 year parts and frame warranty for the satisfaction of the buyer.

Bottomline: If you have no budget constraint, you should get this fantastic looking chair that offers so many high-tech features for the complete satisfaction of the buyer, Luraco-Tech iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair and Inada Sogno Dreamwave are also our top recommendations for grand massage chairs.

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