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What Are The Best Brands For Massage Chairs?

Some people think that buying a massage chair is quite an easy task. But not really so. For, there are different types of massage chairs and you will have to select one among them, a model that suits your needs perfectly. Besides, there are a lot of brands available on the market and again you will have to select one which you think has the best features to offer. So, let’s take a look at some of the best brands of massage chairs so that you can bring home the best massage chair that suits your present budget.


Panasonic is well-known as one of the biggest innovators of massage chair technology. This electronic giant has stated researching and developing massage chairs since the early sixties and they are still dishing out quality products for their customers all over the world. The best thing about Panasonic chairs is that they always ensure that the massage chair you get is as lifelike as possible. While there are a lot of popular models available, the most popular ones include the Panasonic EP-MA73, Panasonic EP-70 and also Panasonic EP-30007.


Inada is one of the oldest manufacturers of massage chairs and regarding quality they are second to none. They started out as a company that is always focused on using innovative technology to bring out high-end models that have their R&D in Japan. This means that when you a buy an Inada Massage chair, you will buy something that has all the features available on the best Japanese models. There are a lot of attractive products in their kitty, but the most popular one is the Sogno Dreamwave, an outstanding product with a lot of advanced features. Their designs are top-notch and their customer service excellent. What is remarkable about the Inada Massage Chair is its use of airbag system. In fact, they were the first to use them in their chairs and they still have the most complex airbag system in their latest massage chairs. Other companies have tried to copy the Inada Dreamwave, but their efforts have come to naught so far.


Osaki Massage Chairs have been around for quite some time and they always have been striving to develop some of the best massage chairs. There are a lot of products available, which are quite popular, but their high-end models include the OS-7200H that has the 3D roller technology and the OS-7075 deep tissue massage chair. If these aren’t the massage chairs you are looking for, you may take a close look at the Osaki OS-4000 which includes airbags, zero gravity and a whole lot of advanced features. The Osaki Os-4000 is a very popular model, which we have reviewed and placed in our shortlist of the best massage chairs for the money.


This is one company that has devoted itself to produce health and wellness products for customers. And if you are looking for a massage chair that is at once affordable and advanced, and yet you don’t need to use them on a daily basis, the Cozzia may be a good option for you. One of the top models of this company is the Cozzia 16027 which includes the zero gravity and other sophisticated features, not to mention of its aesthetic brilliance. The EC618 is also another popular model that became a best-seller in 2012.

Picking out the best massage chair can be a daunting task. Since it involves big investment, you should be careful about what you actually need for yourself and not what others think what you need. So, before taking a final decision on what to buy, you should take a close look at all the manufacturers available on the market today, and check their pros and cons so that you can get the best product within your budget. Obviously, you must select one that suits your specific needs.


Infinity is another popular brand that sells massage chairs. They launched their first line of Therapeutic Massage Chairs in 2009. They also manufacture and market personal massage products for spas. Their chairs vary in quality and features and all of them provide different massage styles and functions. Their top chairs feature zero gravity, inversion, and some of them also use the advanced foot roller technology. Their best chairs include Iyashi, IT-8500 and IT-8100 but there are also a few others that sell quite well.


Luraco is a manufacturer of spa and massage technology and they have an established reputation in the field of massage chair technology. Their base for R&D as well as the production house is located in Arlington, Texas.
Their most prominent massage chairs are the iRobotics 6 and iRobotics 7. Both are made of high quality materials, features 100 airbags and zero gravity. They are made with comfort and ease of use in mind, so they can be easily adjusted according to your medical conditions.

Human Touch

Human Touch has already won a few awards for their massage chair manufacturing. In developing their products they focus around the person’s physical and mental well-being and incorporate features that provide incredible relaxing and soothing experience and bring out the best of massage therapy. This company’s headquarters are also located in the U.S. in Southern California. They have developed several popular lines such as iJoy and HT series and both series are quite popular among the buyers.


Osim massage chairs are built with high quality materials and they are well-known for their modern, stylish, and contemporary design. In their design, they also make use of advanced therapeutic technologies. One of them is the mobile application that enables you to control the massage chair settings. uDivine is their most popular massage chair that provides a very human-like massage. One of the products that stands out in the crowd is uAstro2.

There are quite a few brands that have been left out but we have just tried to name the most popular brands which are generally chosen by customers, though a potential buyer is advised to do some more research about the brands available and their best-selling massage chairs.

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