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Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair can be seen as a blessing from heaven. It is not an ordinary run-of-the-mill massage chair, though the price tag is fairly affordable. It offers a ton of advanced features that can only be found on the pricier, high-end models.

The Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage Chair is available in different colors, such as black, light brown or burgundy and they are made with soft and comfortable synthetic leather. This latest version was brought out by the company in 2016, and, thanks to its useful features, FDA has registered it as medical device for patients suffering from joint pains and body aches.

The Real Relax provides both mental and physical relief. The massage chair is equipped with a heater that enhances blood flow and improves metabolism. It arrives with 35 air bags placed over the shoulders, arms, butt, for a smoother, gentler and more effective massage that feels almost like human touch. The waist area of your body can be heated on both sides of the massage chair.

With Zero Gravity features, this massage chair gives you a feeling of weightlessness as if you are in space, and this feeling will enhance your sense of relaxation and comfort. The backrest area is filled with 8 massage points that work in tandem with other pressure points to provide you the ultimate massage experience.The control panel of the massage chair has a vacuum fluorescent display and has 4 preset automatic massage programs for your choice. Zero Gravity Novo ultra High Performance Full Body Massage Chair and the RelaxonChair MK-IV Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair  has our highest recommendation if you are wondering what other massage chairs has this feature.

To massage the feet, it has rollers that gently massage the bottom soles and heels. The 20 air bags provided with the chair will definitely cover your entire legs.

Bottomline: With its unique features and sleek design, the Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair is definitely an attractive package which is very hard to ignore because of its competitive price. Check our homepage to know more about massage chairs.

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