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Osaki OS 4000

The Osaki OS-4000 is a massage chair known for its fantastic looks, solid construction, advanced features and exceptional performance.

It provides Zero Gravity positions and you can either recline or change the angle according to the type of massage you would like to get. The intelligent massage robot of the chair makes a full scan of the whole body and makes micro adjustments to focus on particular vulnerable areas like, neck, lumbar, or shoulders.

The Osaki OS- 4000 is capable of giving you a full-body massage that can take care of your neck, shoulders, arms, feet, calves and even the buttocks. You can get customized massage sessions from 6 auto-programs , ranging from healthcare, smart, relax, circulation, therapy and demo, as well as, 6 massage styles which include rolling, kneading, Swedish clapping, shiatsu and combo. For further adjustments, you can manipulate the 5 speed and intensity levels.

Bottomline: The Osaki OS-4000 comes in brown or black and its zero gravity, just like the Zero Gravity Novo and the Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity, together with arm, hip, back and neck massage and heat therapy, makes it a complete package, where you will find few things to complain about. You would like the sophisticated looks and the advanced features and if you have a solid budget, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for this highly-acclaimed massage chair.

Editor’s Ratings
4.7 out of 5


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