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Five Things To Consider Before Buying A Massage Chair

Massage therapy is regarded as one of the oldest—and most effective—practices to soothe your body and mind. Massage Chairs reduce neck and back pain, anxiety and depression and also improve circulation. This is why massage therapy is particularly for desk workers who have to spend long hours in front of their computers. Regular exercise, maintaining correct posture and sitting in an ergonomic chair can reduce these problems to a certain extent but nothing can match a massage therapy to cure such chronic muscular pain and stiffness. But going to a spa, or visiting a professional massage therapist can hardly be an option for the not-so-affluent section of the society. For this reason, a massage chair can become quite a popular option for those people who can’t afford a professional massage therapist.

Hence, if you are one of those interested in learning about the benefits of a massage chair and contemplating about buying one in the near future, here are the five most important things to consider before buying one for yourself.

Massage chairs arrive with all kinds of features to choose from. The shiatsu massage chairs focus on the pressure points throughout the body with pressing, swaying and rolling movements. Some massage chairs offer Swedish massages that use high-intensity kneading movements to reduce stiffness and muscular pain. There are also the zero Gravity massage chairs which recline to a zero Gravity position before providing the massage to the user. You may also try out all other types of chairs available just to see what suits you best.

Buying a massage chair requires a solid budget. For, the price of a massage chair ranges from a few hundred dollars to a several thousand dollars depending on a lot of factors like features, appearance, quality of material used, company brand name and a lot more. High-end massage chairs with high-tech features, like built-in music system can increase the cost to a higher level. Again, you can cut your budget according to your needs. Suppose you require a massage chair to cure your back problems, you really don’t need to buy a massage chair that has a foot massager with it. This is how you may cut down your budget if you are aware of your specific requirements.

Most massage chairs are heavy, bulky furniture that you can’t just put anywhere. The living room may not really be the right place for your massage chair because, in spite of its good looks, a massage chair might destroy the aesthetic balance of your living room or the bedroom. This is why you need to place it somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and yet doesn’t look clumsy. Some chairs also have the head and foot recliners, and so you just can’t shove it to one corner or near the walls to create more space. Make sure that your measurements are right before you order a massage chair for your home.
Is it durable and easily repairable?
Massage chairs consist of several moving parts, computer components and wiring, so it is likely that things might go awry from time to time. Hence, you should always settle for a heavy-duty machine that does not trouble you from the very beginning. Look for a massage chair with a modular design. If anything goes wrong, you can just remove the part and replace it with another or send it to the repair center instead of paying a hefty fee to send the whole massage chair to the repair center.

Warranty and Customer Care
Before taking a buying decision, you must check out how long the warranty lasts and how much it covers. They should at least cover labor and parts. These warranties and cash back opportunities indicate that the company has full confidence in its products and is a reliable one. You should also check the level of customer care the company offers and whether they have a good reputation or a bad name with regard to customer support.

Obviously, these are all the important factors that you need to take into account before you finally decide to buy one for yourself. A massage chair is not something you buy every year if you don’t like the previous one. So, you should take all precautions so that you make the right choice for yourself.

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