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What’s a Zero-gravity Massage Chair?

The idea behind zero-gravity massage chairs can be traced back to astronauts and NASA with the aim of dealing with large compression forces that astronauts feel when they get into space. Gravity often compresses the human body especially the spine which leads to fatigue. This led to the research carried out by the NASA on how to perfect the Neutral Body Posture which is ideal for distributing pressures on the human body as shuttles are launched into space.This Neutral Body Posture puts th...
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How Many Types of Massage Chairs Are There?

Massage chairs provide a lot of soothing relaxation for you at home, especially after a long and tiring day at office. And they also have the capacity to melt away your pains and ache, tension and anxiety, sore and stiffness. But the same time you will have to remember that there are several types of massage chairs available on the market today and you will have to find out the one that suits you best. Here is a list of some different types of massage chairs, so that you can have a fair idea abo...
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What Are The Best Brands For Massage Chairs?

Some people think that buying a massage chair is quite an easy task. But not really so. For, there are different types of massage chairs and you will have to select one among them, a model that suits your needs perfectly. Besides, there are a lot of brands available on the market and again you will have to select one which you think has the best features to offer. So, let’s take a look at some of the best brands of massage chairs so that you can bring home the best massage chair that suits your ...
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How does a massage chair work?

Massage chairs have been in demand for the last few decades, especially in the United States. This can cost you a few hundred dollars if you go for the lower-end budget models or a few thousand dollars if you want to buy those high-end models with lots of advanced features.Their demands have increased because few people have the time or money to visit spas every day or every weekend to get a professional massage. Besides, the cost of getting a professional massage can be huge. So, people hav...
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Five Things To Consider Before Buying A Massage Chair

Massage therapy is regarded as one of the oldest—and most effective—practices to soothe your body and mind. Massage Chairs reduce neck and back pain, anxiety and depression and also improve circulation. This is why massage therapy is particularly for desk workers who have to spend long hours in front of their computers. Regular exercise, maintaining correct posture and sitting in an ergonomic chair can reduce these problems to a certain extent but nothing can match a massage therapy to cure such...
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Top Five Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

Do you want to know more about the top five health benefits of massage chairs, you must read this post carefully? I am sure you are here because you are toying with the idea of buying a massage chair for yourself. But before you buy a massage chair, you must have a thorough understanding of the health benefits of massage chairs.Yes, the massage chair is a machine that can be customized to provide you what you exactly need. It performs a number of specialized massage techniques and preset pro...
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